Man who takes pop songs to seriously

I have no prior knowledge of you being fancy and your self proclamations on the subject have only added to my doubt. Last but not least, I have no desire to taste your gold. You can not buy my affections like some cheap harlot about town. Good day madam.












Let’s paint a picture of someone you love. Maybe, someone who’s not with us anymore.

this entire gifset, captures the reason why i love the Boondocks 

When I first saw this a while back, I thought it was Huey and Riley’s parents, but then my friend said hat it might have been Granddad and his wife.

Either way, the newer episodes just don’t hit home the same way and it irritates me. I want shit like this. This is gold.

This is my favorite episode.

Wow so if that’s true than Riley missed his grandmother so much he painted her on the wall…that’s epic.

The song that played during this scene.

People really don’t understand nor respect the intelligence of Riley

Well, those people don’t watch enough of the Boondocks to see it.

  • Huey’s intelligence is (and I apologize for making this comparison, but…) more comparable to what Tumblr would call “Ankh Bloggers” (of both sexes). Whereas in Huey’s case this isn’t an insult - because unlike the Ankh bloggers, Huey is an active revolutionary instead of a Hashtag slacktivist -  as he is frequently the character devoted to the destruction of black stereotypes and the ignorance associated with them. Furthermore, his academic intelligence, keen observational skills, and knowledge are portrayed to the point where it’s more than likely he’s the most intelligent character on the show.
  • Riley - portrayed as the stereotypical black kid who is attracted to, and embraces ‘Thug’ Culture - is the antithesis of his brother. Whereas Huey is reserved, passionate, outwardly brilliant and calculating, Riley is brash, impulsive, narrow-minded and somewhat abrasive. That being said, despite his questionable tastes and habits, Riley is in no what unintelligent. In this episode above, where Riley is mentored in art by a Bob Ross look-alike, Riley demonstrates he has an excellent aptitude for artistic expression. In addition, in other episodes (prominent ones being “Smokin’ Dem Ciggawettes’ and ‘The Fundraiser’) Riley also demonstrates an aptitude for critical thinking, management, manipulation of others/ability to be a leader, and significant financing/arithmetic skills, even if the whole thing results in disaster, simply because he didn’t listen to Huey.

Riley’s portrayed as a hoodlum, but never necessarily “dumb”, or lacking for intelligence. At least, not in my opinion.

This is gold.

And then granddad tells him to clean it off like 20 seconds after.

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Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouLouie Van PattenOil Stick on Panel24x19in
Original and prints on Etsy.


Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Louie Van Patten
Oil Stick on Panel

Original and prints on Etsy.

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Rhonda A. Lee  the Black woman who was fired from her meteorologist job in Shreveport, La., after defending her natural hair on the station’s Facebook page, has just accepted a job with a national weather channel in Colorado.

Lee announced on her Twitter and Facebook pages that she has accepted a meteorology position with WeatherNation in Denver. “By all accounts, it is my dream job and I am thrilled to be a part of the WeatherNation family,” she said Thursday night on Facebook. Lee told NewsOne that she accepted the position a week ago but wanted to fine tune some particulars before making an announcement.

The offer came soon after the veteran weather woman had lost hope of ever working in television again.

“A month ago, I told my husband that I’m pretty sure I would never work in weather again,” she said. “I had completely lost faith, but in a matter of a week or so, all of a sudden, three people showed interest in me. It was an awakening is what it was. I really had given up.”

Lee had several offers in other markets, including a chief meteorologist position, but went with WeatherNation because it’s a national network that reaches millions of homes. Lee doesn’t know when she will be on-air, but says she will be on Channel 361 on DIRECTV. She, her husband, and their 10-month-old son will be moving to Denver in a few weeks.

More than a year and a half has passed since Lee was fired from KTBS 3 News, an ABC affiliate in Shreveport, after she responded to users on Facebook who complained about her natural hairstyle. The station said Lee was fired for violating its social media policy. She has filed an EEOC complaint against the station and is in mediation to resolve her dismissal. Lee said she has no regrets about defending her natural hair and says her dispute with the Shreveport station hasn’t been an issue with her new employer.

“It wouldn’t require anything more than a brief explanation,” she said. “My new boss said, ‘I heard about that,’ and we moved on so that was it. Every once in a while in life, you find good people with good sense who know talent when they see it and know a good employee when they see it.”

Despite the frustration that comes from refusing to change her hair style to have a more mainstream, broadcast aesthetic, Lee says sticking to her values made the pain of unemployment worth it.

It’s revealing to me that you should never give up,” she said. “I tell people that all the time in any speech that I give. For me to actually follow my own advice is a pretty beautiful thing.”


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it is exhausting pretending to be interested in things other people are interested in. I am an alien in this place. Night. Rectify is a great show, by the way.


Happy 77th, Coz.


Happy 77th, Coz.


A Fairy Or Kersti And A View Of A Meadow, Carl Larsson. Swedish (1853 - 1919)


A Fairy Or Kersti And A View Of A Meadow, Carl Larsson. Swedish (1853 - 1919)


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The biggest hindrance to our progress as a nation is not the Republican party. Its is willful political ignorance. The Republican told you that he would cut social welfare programs. He said he would not support equal pay for women. The Republican said he was against raising the minimum wage because it would kill jobs, even though this is not the case in progressive cities across the country. You knew this going in and you still voted for him. You say you are not into politics. Well, politics is into you. It digs you, so much that it affects the majority of your life. I don’t blame the Republicans for our sluggish economy, immigration crisis, or our collapsing infrastructure. I blame the ones who vote against their own interests. I blame the ones who won’t pick up a newspaper for five minutes. I blame the ones who claim that both sides are doing nothing. This false equivalency is maddening. One side shut down the government. One side is holding hearings against the IRS and complaining about their out of date computer systems while at the same time refusing to raise taxes on millionaires. One side refuses to deal with immigration and blames he president for acting unilaterally. I don’t believe the President wants to do the work of the entire federal government. The ones sitting on the sidelines not voting, are who I blame. The Republicans said exactly what they were going to do so I don’t blame them. They are what they are. You are to blame, the one who’s just not that into politics.

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